NEW ORLEANS, La. (103.3 The GOAT) - As the New Orleans Saints go a third year in a row without a playoff appearance, fans in the Who Dat Nation are voicing their frustrations even louder than they already were.

Allen's two years as head coach (so far) have been less than stellar, with the Saints struggling at multiple positions.

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On top of that, the team appears to be ignoring his coaching orders at times. Allen admitted in interviews after his team trounced the Atlanta Falcons that his players didn't listen to him when he told them not to run a fake victory formation.

Saints players, like Jameis Winston, defended their decision to go ahead with the fake play and let Jamaal Williams score his first touchdown as a New Orleans Saint.

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As of now, Allen expects to remain the head coach, though he recently said he hadn't had the conversation with management yet.

But the fans aren't satisfied.

And now, a GoFundMe has been launched to put up billboards around New Orleans demanding that Allen be cut loose.

"As we all know, Dennis Allen has been a complete failure as a head coach in New Orleans and the entire Who Dat Nation is sick of it," the GoFundMe page reads. "This billboard will be our way to make our voices seen at the least. We want to be good again, the mediocrity needs to go! The billboard is $1800 for 4 weeks and it is near the Saints facilities on Earhart!"

This fundraiser, it goes on to explain, is being "orchestrated by Nicole & Ryne of Saints Twitter and artwork will be done by renowned New Orleans artist Jay Frost."

It's widely reported that Allen will keep his job, but there's no guarantee, especially now that the coaching carousel is starting in full with the end of the regular season.

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