The Alabama Crimson Tide lost two games during the 2022 college football season.  First to Tennessee and then to LSU.  Both were decided on the last play of the game.  But because they lost twice in the SEC, LSU won the SEC West Division and played in the Conference Championship Game against Georgia.

After finishing 5th in the final playoff poll, Nick Saban tells Joel Klatt, the current format isn’t equitable.

“So, all we do is take the teams that win the most games at the end of the year, put them in the playoffs. But do you really get the best teams? When they told me that we would be favored against three out of the four teams that got in the playoff, I’m like, why aren’t we in the playoffs?”

Georgia and Michigan came into the playoffs undefeated while Ohio State and TCU each had one loss.  The Buckeyes lost to Michigan with TCU falling in the Big 12 Championship to Kansas State.

Saban goes on.

“Does that mean they have a better team,” Saban said. “Or does it mean that those people don’t know what they’re talking about? I really don’t know that. But I’m not being critical of anybody. But if you’re going to have parity, you have to have a better way of figuring out who has the best teams, not just because you lose two games on the last play of the game.

“That knocks you out when you may be better than somebody else who didn’t have the same circumstances that they had played.”

What do you think?  Should teams that play tougher schedules and lose closer games be taken ahead of teams that lose less games, but played an easier schedule?

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