LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - There are plenty of real estate options available in Lafayette if you're looking for a new home right now. If you happen to have a decent bit of extra cash on hand, you can look at some of these homes available for about $1 million apiece.

But, given how many people are nervous about the economy today, there might be a lot more folks on a tighter budget. So if you check out places like Zillow, you might be surprised to find a house in Lafayette listed at just... one dollar?

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What's Going On?

There's a house on 201 Martele Blvd. in Lafayette listed for $1 on Zillow. But if you read the description of the house, it's clear that the listing price is a bit misleading. The house is in foreclosure and is being put up for auction.

Credit: Zillow
Credit: Zillow

"The list price is NOT indicative of seller's final reserve amount," the listing says. "This property is part of an online bidding event, please visit AUCTION.COM to place bids on 11/5/2023 to 11/7/2023."

According to the listing, inspections of this property won't be allowed, and anyone bidding on the home will be getting it as it is.

If you're interested, though, here's what you're bidding on:

  • 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms plus a downstairs study
  • 4th bedroom and 3rd bathroom upstairs
  • Outdoor kitchen with a covered patio
  • In-ground pool with spa

Check out pictures of the home below.

Lafayette Home Listed for $1

Check out these pictures from the home at 201 Martele Blvd.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

And, if you're interested in the most expensive home in Lafayette, well, we've got a look at that one, too. It's available for just under $3.8 million and can be yours right now.

Most Expensive Home For Sale in Lafayette, Louisiana

The real estate listing for this home, which is located at 155 Shannon Rd. in Lafayette, features a lot of beautiful architecture and plenty of features that make it an extremely desirable place to live.

This home is a 4-bed, 6-bath (two half-baths) home with a mix of brick, carpet, marble, and wood flooring. It's got a 3-car garage, completely covered, and other space in the driveway for guests to park.

With nearly 10,000 total square footage of space, this home could be yours for $3,795,000.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

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