Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Parents in Louisiana, Texas, and every state in America should feel safe when purchasing an item specifically manufactured for babies and children. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Enter the Consumer Product Safety Commission who issues recalls and explains how families can either get money back or make the product safely usable.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, an independent federal regulatory agency, monitors consumer goods in an effort to:

protect the public against unreasonable risks of injury or death from consumer products through education, safety standards activities, regulation, and enforcement.

Their staff reviews about 8,000 death certificates each year from all 50 states, including Louisiana and Texas, and the District of Columbia. They look for unintentional product-related deaths. They also dive into roughly 400,000 product-related injuries, cases generated by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).

The commission makes recall information public through their website, with information for consumers about who to contact if they have purchased a recalled item.

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In one day, four items marketed for babies and children were added to the recall list. These items were all available for families in Louisiana and Texas to purchase. If you have purchased any of these items, links and contact information are provided so you can work to get your money refunded or get a repair kit.


high chair
Consumer Product Safety Commission

The high chair is sold exclusively at It converts to a booster seat, but violates safety regulations for both. Multiple failures in the construction can cause the high chair to tip over or collapse, creating a fall hazard for children.

Customers should stop using it and return them to Walmart for a full refund.

Manufacturer's information:
Phone: (206) 458-7003


Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says the plastic pieces at the end of the drawstring can fall off and present a choking hazard. The pants were sold exclusively at Marshall's.
Customers should cut the drawstrings off to eliminate the possibility of choking. You can also contact TJX or bring them to any Marshall's store for a full refund.


baby swing
Consumer Product Safety Commission

Because of the incline angle, the swing poses a suffocation risk for a sleeping baby. The swing is marketed as a product designed to help an infant sleep, but the swing violates the CPSC regulation and the Safe Sleep for Babies Act. Additionally, mandatory warning requirements are not met.

Jool Baby is remedying the problem by sending consumers a free repair kit. The process is cumbersome, though. The CPSC website instructs customers to stop using the swing for sleep immediately and gives the following instructions:

Consumers should upload a photo of the warning label to the firm���s online registration page at Once registered, Jool Baby will send consumers a repair kit consisting of a new seat with updated on-product warnings, updated plush toys and an updated remote control.

Manufacturer information
Phone: (888) 788-5665



crib mattress
Consumer Product Safety Commission

The mattress, which was sold exclusively on Amazon, poses a fire hazard to children by failing to meet the federal safety regulations for flammability and labeling requirements.

Consumers should stop using the mattress and contact the manufacturer for a full refund and instructions about how to dispose of it. The only contact information available for Shenzhen Coral Island Furniture is an email address where consumers should:

use scissors to cut out the top fabric on both sleep surfaces, and submit photos of each side to to receive a refund and instructions on how to dispose of the mattress.

Amazon and the manufacturer say they are contacting purchasers directly.

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