Officials in St. Landry Parish say two women have been arrested in connection with the puppy dumping case.

Officials arrested Jasmine Mouton and Kendal Tyler were arrested. Both of the suspects are from Opelousas, and they face charges of aggravated animal cruelty.



(Opelousas, Louisiana) - In a press release sent out by the St. Landry Parish Government, they are attempting to identify a woman who can be seen on video throwing away living creatures.

Officials say the woman was walking towards a trash can with a puppy and she threw it in the dumpster. She then reaches over to her left, picks up the second puppy, and throws that puppy in the dumpster as well.

They are trying to identify the woman in the animal cruelty case. Officers and other officials are hoping someone will be able to tell them who this woman is. Any other information will also be appreciated.

In the press release from Public Information Officer Eman Boyd, officials say this happened outside of Sebastian West End Seafood on St. Landry Street in Opelousas.

The woman was wearing a light purple shirt and black shorts. She is thought to be in her mid-30s to early 40s.

Please help the police identify this woman. You can report information confidentially.

You can call Spencer Cornette at (337) 290-5531 or Mark Kidder at (337) 534-1077

The incident of throwing the puppies into the dumpster happened at around 6 p.m. Sunday evening according to St. Landry government officials.

What Has Become of the Puppies?

Thank goodness, the puppies were very vocal when they were put in that dumpster. Someone heard the puppies barking and went to investigate.

That person was able to rescue the dogs from the dumpster, and so they are alive.

The identity of this woman is now the priority in this case.

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