It seems like every day, some familiar company or brand is announcing a huge wave of closures. Tough economic times are having a major impact on things across the country, and it's definitely having an impact even here in south Louisiana and across eastern Texas.

But with a recent surge in gas prices, having fewer options in terms of where to get gas is definitely a bummer. Those gas prices are expected to tick up in as the spring continues onward, according to recent reports, leaving Louisiana and Texas drivers in the lurch.


Louisiana Gas Prices Have Been on the Rise, Could Spike in March and April

Recently, one gas station chain announced that it would be closing a lot of stores across the country, and that could definitely have an impact on your drive.

Shell is the No. 2 gas station chain in Texas (with 1,587 stations in 382 cities) and the No. 3 gas station chain in Louisiana (with 319 locations across 124 cities).

Parent company Shell made the announcement recently, sending shockwaves across the energy industry. The company said it will close 500 stations in 2024 and the other 500 in 2025.

"We believe growth in oil demand is set to slow in the second half of this decade and could start falling in the 2030s because of increasing vehicle efficiency and growth in electric vehicles," the company stated in a recent report. "Today there are around 40 million such vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs) on the roads, with up to 275 million expected by 2030. The availability of charging points will be critical for the growth in electric vehicles."

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There are well over 12,000 Shell stations across the country, meaning the closures represent a big chunk of the available locations. While we don't know which locations Shell will be closing, that big of percentage means it's not outside the realm of possibility that Louisiana or Texas could see closures.

When a gas station closes, it's bad for consumers in several ways.

For one thing, it reduces options for where to buy fuel, meaning consumers may have to travel farther to find another station, which can be inconvenient and lead to higher fuel costs due to increased mileage. Along with that, when you have fewer gas stations in the area, competition decreases. That may cause remaining stations to raise prices since consumers have fewer choices.

Additionally, longer lines and wait times at the pump may occur, especially during busy periods, causing frustration and delays for consumers. Some people, especially those in rural areas, may struggle to access fuel if the nearest gas station shuts down, affecting their ability to travel for work, errands, or emergencies.

Overall, the closure of a gas station limits options increases prices, lengthens wait times, and can create accessibility challenges for consumers, impacting their convenience and potentially increasing their costs and travel difficulties.

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