New Iberia, LA (KPEL News) - If you grew up in south Louisiana, you remember being at your Maw Maw's when you had to stay home from school or during the summer. Before the "stories" came on, she watched Price Is Right, and you heard Bob Barker sign off after the Showcase Showdown:

Bob Barker, to remind you, help to control the pet population - have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodbye everybody!

I don't know if hearing Bob issue his reminder has anything to do with my affection for animals, but I appreciate his effort.

We see far too many animals left abandoned or worse because people don't take the responsibility of having them seriously. Veterinarians will tell you how real that problem is, and most of them are doing all they can to make it easier to do the right thing. A south Louisiana vet clinic is doing just that and promoting their efforts in a way that gets the attention of Cajuns. They are calling it a festival!

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in New Iberia has announced the Testicle Festival, a Festival of Neuters. The animal doctors are offering to neuter male cats or dogs at a discounted rate from April 22 until April 26.

dog mad

They've been sharing the good news on social media (see below), and the comments are as entertaining as you'd expect. Based on said comments, the Testicle Festival is a first for the south Louisiana clinic, and they will decide whether to have a similar "celebration" for their female fur friends if it's a success.

The information they've included in their social media flyer is fairly comprehensive, so pet owners know what to expect and how to take participate.

dog high five

As one commenter on the vet's page noted:

Bet the patients don't consider it a festival!!!

But you'll be a happier human knowing you don't have to worry about being a pet grandparent by accident.

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