When it comes to healthy living, we don't always do our best in Louisiana. A lot of it is the food (of course), but there are other things that we don't do quite as well as other places. ome of Louisiana's vices are definitely a problem when it comes to our health.

Some parishes are naturally better at it than others, and the ones who are the best are getting recognized in a new ranking by CountyHealthRankings.org.

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According to the site, 19 percent of Louisiana's population smokes, versus an average of 16 percent nationwide. 38 percent of Louisiana is obese versus 32 percent across the fruited plains.

Credit: County Health Rankings
Credit: County Health Rankings

We also have a much higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teen births than the national average.

Typically, determining the health of a parish in Louisiana involves considering a range of factors that collectively reflect the well-being of its residents and the community as a whole. Several key indicators contribute to assessing whether a parish is healthy or unhealthy:

Healthcare Access and Quality

The availability and accessibility of healthcare services, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals, are crucial. Factors such as the number of healthcare providers, preventative care services, and the overall quality of healthcare contribute to the health of a community.


Socioeconomic Factors

Economic stability, employment opportunities, and income levels significantly impact health. A healthy parish typically exhibits lower poverty rates, higher employment rates, and greater income equality.



Educational attainment is linked to better health outcomes. A healthy parish usually has a well-educated population with access to quality schools and educational resources.



Environmental Factors

Clean air and water, safe housing, and access to parks and recreational spaces contribute to a healthy environment. Conversely, exposure to pollution or hazardous conditions can negatively impact public health.

Lifestyle and Behaviors

Healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and limited substance abuse, contribute to overall well-being. Community initiatives promoting a healthy lifestyle can positively influence these behaviors.


Social Support and Community Engagement

Strong social networks and community engagement foster mental and emotional well-being. Healthy parishes often have active community organizations, support systems, and social services.


Public Safety

Low crime rates and effective law enforcement contribute to community health by promoting safety and reducing stressors associated with crime and violence.

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Access to Nutritious Food

Availability and affordability of nutritious food options contribute to a healthy community. Food deserts, where residents lack access to fresh, healthy food, can negatively impact overall health.


Public Health Initiatives

The presence of effective public health programs, vaccination campaigns, and disease prevention efforts can positively impact community health.

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Infrastructure and Transportation

Well-maintained infrastructure, including roads and public transportation, can influence health by facilitating access to essential services and reducing environmental stressors.

Assessing the health of a parish requires a comprehensive approach that considers these interconnected factors. Collaborative efforts between healthcare providers, local government, community organizations, and residents are essential for promoting and maintaining the well-being of the population. Regular monitoring and adjustments to address emerging health challenges are crucial for sustaining a healthy community in the long term.

According to CountyHealthRankings.org, these are the healthiest and unhealthiest parishes in the state.

The Healthiest and Least Healthy Parishes in Louisiana

Here's the list of the top 10 and bottom 10 healthy parishes in Louisiana.

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