In a candid conversation with ESPN, retired New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees revealed a startling truth about his post-retirement life and the condition of his right arm, a revelation that has left many in the Who Dat Nation reflecting on his remarkable career and the resilience he showed during his playing days.

Brees, who retired in 2021, shared that due to the major shoulder injury he sustained in 2005, he is no longer able to throw a football with his right arm. This injury, which occurred while he was with the San Diego Chargers, nearly ended his career but led to a successful stint with the New Orleans Saints after a critical surgery by Dr. James Andrews. The surgery, involving 12 anchors to repair a complete 360-degree tear of his labrum and a partial tear in the rotator cuff, was a pivotal moment in Brees' career.

Despite the surgery, Brees indicated that the injury set him on a path to a degenerative shoulder, leading to arthritic changes and ultimately affecting his throwing ability. His arm strength, noticeably diminished towards the end of his career with the Saints, was a sign of this long-term impact. However, Brees credits Dr. Andrews for his guidance, which allowed him to extend his career and achieve remarkable success, including leading the Saints to their first and only Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

Reflecting on his new reality, Brees shared that he now throws left-handed when playing catch in the backyard, just one example of the physical toll his career has taken. Nonetheless, he remains competitive, shifting his focus to pickleball, a sport rapidly gaining popularity across the nation.

Brees' legacy in the NFL is not only marked by his impressive statistics—second only to Tom Brady in passing yards and touchdowns—but also by the sheer willpower, dedication, and resilience he exhibited in the face of career-threatening challenges.

Among Saints fans, it's understood, but this story only underscores why Drew Brees remains a symbol of what can be achieved with talent, hard work, and the courage to overcome adversity.

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