Henderson, LA (KPEL News) - The Henderson Police Department is urging Louisiana drivers to rethink the car decals we put on our cars. You may apply them to show pride in your children or because they are cute, but they can also make you a target for bad guys who are looking for information you don't realize you're providing.


family decal

The soccer family, the sweet characters, the dancer... these communicate that the car's owner has children and, often, how many they have. If you're a single parent and display your sweet family on your back window, ne'er-do-wells now know and can target your family accordingly. These may also be a sign that you're a distracted driver, putting a bull's eye on your car for insurance scammers.


new driver

Insurance scammers love these. New and young drivers aren't as quick with their driving reflexes, so they are an easy mark for people who want to score an insurance payment.


hobby sticker

As harmless as it may seem to those of us who don't think like thieves, proclaiming yourself a hunter or a biker lets bad dudes know you have expensive items at your house. All they need to do is follow you to figure out where you live and strike when you leave the house.


oilfield wife

You may be proud of your husband for working so hard in the oil field. Criminals see that your husband isn't home for a period of time when you could become a victim. Anything that communicates you are alone or you are often not home is a beacon for thieves.


honor student sticker

Your child is an honor student? Of course, you'd like to show your pride. You have a great church. Excellent! If you announce either of those two with a bumper sticker or decal, people who want to know where you live now have a smaller area to search.


pet sticker

Pets make life better. Who wouldn't want a companion that loves them unconditionally? If you decide to showcase that affection, remember that bad guys now know what to watch out for if they decide to rob you.


Louisiana Vanity License Plates
Facebook via Louisiana License Plates

Clever sayings or grandparent names are fun, but a license plate that's easy to remember makes it easier to follow or to find you.

Most of us are just trying to live our best life, but criminals are watching and will use anything at their disposal to make it easier for them to take advantage of us. They will find any information they can, whether it's car decals or social media posts, so be vigilant about information you're sharing.

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