At gas stations around Lafayette and Acadiana, you can find some mind-blowing, delicious food, and this includes breakfast sandwiches. We asked you to tell us where to find the best gas station breakfast sandwiches, and here's where you told us to go...

Village Station Maurice Breakfast Sandwiches
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Best Breakfast Sandwiches In Lafayette And Acadiana

It's no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After a night of fasting during sleep, the body needs fuel to kick-start the metabolism. Breakfast provides the necessary energy to start the day.

A balanced breakfast with a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats supports overall health.

Some studies suggest that having a nutritious breakfast may help in weight management by reducing the likelihood of overeating later in the day. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels.

Foodcollection, Getty Images
Foodcollection, Getty Images

It's often said that Acadiana gas stations have better food than other State's best restaurants.

It's often said because it's true.

You'll not only find delicious plate lunches, BBQ, boudin, and sausage Po-boys at gas stations around Acadiana, but you'll also find some incredible breakfast sandwiches.

We wanted to find out what gas stations have the absolute best, so we asked the experts. We asked you.

Although this isn't a list of one business being better than the other, there is one local business that got the most recommendations by far.

Below are the best gas station breakfast sandwiches in Lafayette and Acadiana as chosen by you.

Bobalou's - Golden Grain in Duson, Louisiana

Mire's Grocery - 2905 Highway 93 in Vatican, Louisiana

Rascal's Cajun Restaurant - 133 Frontage Rd in Duson, Louisiana

Yabbos - 226 St Nazaire Rd in Broussard, Louisiana

Village Station Maurice - 9405 Maurice Ave in Maurice, Louisiana

(Village Station in Maurice was by far the place mentioned the most when it comes to have having the best gas station breakfast sandwiches.)

Village Station Maurice Breakfast Sandwiches
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Jac's Market & Deli - Verot School Road & 92 in Youngsville, Louisiana

Racetrac - 2421 W. Congress St. in Lafayette, Louisiana

Racetrac Breakfast
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Shop Rite - 4108 Hwy 90 E in Broussard, Louisiana

Billeaud's Too - 1512 A Weeks Island Road in New Iberia, Louisiana

Sugarena Fuel Base - 2911 W Admiral Doyle Dr in New Iberia, Louisiana

Bourbon Street Deli - 520 W Summers Dr in Abbeville, Louisiana

Bourbon Street Deli
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M&S Grocery - 2720 Louisiana Ave. in Lafayette, Louisiana

Diesi's Little Capital - 2939 Grand Point Hwy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Hit N Run - 2200 Kaliste Saloom Rd in Lafayette, Louisiana

Queb's Country Store - 3007 Hwy 167 in Opelousas, Louisiana

Facebook Via Queb's Country Store
Facebook Via Queb's Country Store

Riché's Y-Not Stop
- 6920 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy in Broussard, Louisiana

Hobo's Deli - 302 E Shankland Ave in Jennings, Louisiana

What else needs to be added to this list?

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