Lafayette Police announced on Thursday afternoon that two missing Northside High School students, Jacey Williams and Terrinae Augustine, have been safely located and returned to their homes. The confirmation from authorities comes after days of worry and extensive searches by both the families and law enforcement.

Jacey Williams was last seen at her school on Friday, March 1, sparking immediate concern from her family when she failed to return home. Her mother, Orelia Williams, expressed deep concern for her daughter's safety, revealing the extent of her efforts to find Jacey. "I’m not gonna sleep comfortable until my kid is returned to me," Orelia Williams stated, emphasizing the urgency and desperation felt during her daughter's disappearance.

Similarly, Terrinae Augustine had been missing since February 22, a week prior to Jacey Williams's disappearance, intensifying fears for her well-being among family and friends. The Lafayette Police Department sought public assistance in locating both students, urging anyone with information to come forward.

The return of both Jacey Williams and Terrinae Augustine is a huge relief for both the Lafayette community and family members who have been stressed for days and weeks, not knowing their children's whereabouts. Lafayette Police have not disclosed details surrounding the circumstances of their disappearance or how they were found.

The Lafayette Police Department and the families of the involved students are grateful for everyone who contributed to the return of the girls as they have been reunited with their loved ones.

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