The Original Ground Pat’i has been a long-standing staple in the Lafayette community for as long as we can remember. Located right near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Johnston Street, it was the go-to spot before and after sporting events at Cajun Feild at one time. As a kid, I always looked forward to the free peanuts they had at every table.

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Lafayette, as we all know, has seen many restaurants come and go, most of which have shared the same reasons for closing, whether it be the cost of goods increasing or simply not being able to drive in the foot traffic to keep their doors open.

The Original Ground Pat’i in Lafayette Officially Closed

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While The Original Ground Pat’I did not release a public statement addressing the closure, we did call and get confirmation that their last day of operation was June 4th, 2024. We reached out after word spread of patrons attempting to dine in at the Johnston Street location to find the doors were locked.

Anyone know what's going on with the Original Pati/Ground Pati, whichever you choose to call it, off Johnston St, not far from Fatima?
Tried to go yesterday for lunch and no one was there, doors were locked, no phone answer.
Just curious and hoping they aren't closed of my favorite burgers in town.
Following this post, The Original Patti reached out to confirm that this location had closed.
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Both Lafayette Locations Are Now Closed

This closure follows the Kaliste Saloom Road location that served the Lafayette community since 2003 and closed back in December of last year. While there are plans to turn the Kaliste Saloom location into The Toasted Yolk, there are no plans for the Johnston Street location at this time.

Good News For Ground Pat'i Fans

Fans of The Original Ground Pat'i are invited to dine at their other location, The Original Patti, located in the former Romacelli space at 505 W Pont des Mouton in Lafayette's Couret Farms Development.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy all of your Ground Pat'i Favorites.

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Restaurants Lafayette Wants To See Come To Town

Every time a business closes in Lafayette, the community is quick to brain storm what they would like to see take it's place.

Gallery Credit: Sydney Ducharme



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