Cell phone use in Louisiana classrooms has been an ongoing distraction and issue for quite some time.

The problem, according to Sen. Katrina Jackson-Andrews, D-Monroe, is that every time state representatives attempt to resolve it, they receive pushback from students and their parents. However, their most recent effort has been more successful than in the past.

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WAFB reported that on Monday, the Louisiana senate unanimously passed a bill banning cell phone use in public school classrooms.

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Senate Bill 207

The bill introduced by Sen. Beth Mizell, R-Franklinton, would prohibit phone use in the classroom. Students would not be allowed to have a phone "on his person" during school hours to limit the habit and temptation of cell phone use.

However, the wording of this bill does not entirely ban cell phones from public school campuses. It specifically targets the use of phones in classrooms during learning hours, which is pretty reasonable. It may not be realistic to ban cell phones from schools entirely at this stage, especially with violent threats commonly occurring in schools.

Can Schools Enforce Their Own 'No Phones' Policy?

Sen. Mizell explained that school administrators already have the ability and power to enforce a no-phone policy; however, dealing with the backlash deters them from doing so.

Blame it on the state

The goal of this bill is to act as a "backup" for schools to fall back on and essentially be able to say, "It's a state policy, not get upset with us." The hope is that Sen. Bill 207 will give school leaders the confidence to enforce a 'No Phones in the Classroom' policy without having to take the heat entirely.

After the unanimous vote on Monday, her bill is now headed to the House.

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