Multiple eyewitnesses have reported an incident involving a man who was allegedly "on fire" near the Super 1 Foods grocery store in Carencro.

Listeners said multiple police cars, ambulances, and even an Air Med helicopter could be seen near the Super 1 Foods grocery store in Carencro on Thursday evening (Mar. 9). While there were varying details on what exactly took place, one eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous spoke directly with us and gave us her first-hand account of the alleged situation.

The eyewitness told us that just before 8 p.m., she and her husband observed a man in the back of a black Ram 2500 pickup truck who "all of a sudden burst into flames."

The husband of the eyewitness, a retired Army veteran quickly sprang into action and ran toward the man with a blanket to help put the fire out. According to the eyewitness, the man wasn't on fire by the time her husband was able to get near him, but was "rolling on the ground still burning and yelling for help."

At that point, the eyewitness said both her husband and the man came back to their truck at which point the man who was allegedly on fire "started talking all kinds of crazy." The eyewitness says she asked the man if he wanted her to call an ambulance, so she did. Her call log shows she dialed 9-1-1 at 7:58 p.m.—just minutes after everything unfolded.

In the meantime, her husband went inside the Super 1 Foods store to find an officer when another man walked up to the eyewitness and the burned man and said something along the lines of “see dude look what you did, you got the cops involved and s**t.” The burned man responded, "man I don’t care, I’m going in the ambulance I’m going to the hospital."

The eyewitness says that while she was on the phone with authorities, the dispatcher could hear the men going back and forth which is why she may have sent multiple police cars and an ambulance to the scene.

When asked about reports of Air Med responding to the scene, the eyewitness tells me that after speaking with the officers, she and her husband left the scene as a crowd had begun to gather but did see the man walking into the ambulance on his own before they departed.

At the time this story is being published, the scene from earlier this evening is reportedly clear. At no time were there any reported disturbances inside of the Super 1 Foods grocery store nearby.

We reached out to Chief David Anderson with Carencro Police and will update the story when more confirmed information is available.

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