I know I'm not the only one in Louisiana seeing an increase in robocalls. At least twice a day, my phone rings, and it's a number I don't recognize.

It's almost like scammers know more people are home for the Summer and spending more time on their cell phones.

Since kids are out of school for summer parents often leave them with access to a cell phone just in case there is an emergency. If that's the case, warn them not to fall for this cheap trick.

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No one likes a scam artist, and once again a popular tactic is making it's rounds across the country and here in Louisiana.

By now most of us refuse to answer unknown callers because of all the different ways scammers have created to simply waste your time and take your money. They even have apps now that will completely block sketchy numbers that are more than likely a automated system or a scammer of some kind.

The particular phone scam we want to warn you about involves you simply just saying one three letter word, 'Yes'.

What is the 'Say Yes' Scam?

You answer your phone even though it's an unknown caller because you are expecting a call from your a doctors office or maybe a future employer.

Immediately upon answer you are asked a simple routine question "Can you hear me?" and without thinking you respond, "Yes". Unfortunately, if this sounds familiar you have more than likely been a victim of the 'Say Yes' scam.

What the victim doesn't realize is that once the robo caller asks a question like "Is this __?" and they get your response, they now have it voice recorded to use as they wish. That simple voice recording of them responding 'Yes' is enough for them to authorize change to any account that uses an automated system like a bank or something that requires a simple yes or no answer to make authorized changes.

What Should I do if I Receive One of These Calls?

Simply report the call to BBB scam tracker.

It's not the end of the world if you have accidentally fallen victim to this 'Say Yes' scam, juts keep this in mind before answering any phone calls from unknown numbers in the future.

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