There have been so many great Halloween costumes this year, but if you're a Saints fan, you're gonna love "Little Kamara."

WDSU posted photos all day long on Halloween, but this young boy named Felix may have taken the crown. Felix's mom shared photos of Felix dressed up as Saints superstar running back Alvin Kamara and he crushed it.

Not only did he nail some of the most significant physical features like the nose ring, the neck and leg tattoos, and the long hair—he somehow managed to embody Kamara's carefree swagger.

This cool kid got lots of props on the WDSU Facebook page with over 2,000 likes, 200 comments, and nearly 1,000 shares from people who were excited to see "little Alvin Kamara doing this thing.

Just last week, we shared another kid who gave us the perfect Joe Burrow—dressing up as Joe Cool dressing up in Jamaar Chase's jersey as he entered the Superdome to take on the Saints a few weeks ago.

Speaking of kids dressing up like Burrow, another kid went for his own iconic Burrow look with the rad jacket and the cool shades.

To Nash from Mandeville and Felix from Tangipahoa Parish—keep up the creativity. You guys are doing Halloween right.

By the way, smash that share button and tag Alvin Kamara on everything so that we can make sure that he sees this!

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

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