Keith Lee mentioned in a life update video on his TikTok, where he has amassed 16.3 million followers, that the next cities on his list were Memphis, Baton Rouge, or Seattle.

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His content consists of genuine food reviews where he ranks dishes recommended by the local community he is visiting on a scale of 1-10. Fans of his videos and small business owners send him suggestions once he announces the city he is headed so that way he can be sure to hit all the best places. If it happens to be a hole in the wall with excellent food, even better.

The magic happens once he posts one of his famous food reviews online; followers call it the 'Keith Lee Effect' because businesses he reviews always see an uptick in sales.

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When rumors started to spread that Keith Lee had his sights set on Baton Rouge locals were confused to say the least. Even folks that live in Baton Rouge tried to tell him he had chosen the wrong city.

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Comments suggesting Keith make a pit stop in Lafayette can be found flooding the comment section on Facebook and TikTok.

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It's no surprise that Keith Lee ranked New Orleans as his favorite food city in 2023. So if he thought New Orleans was a 10/10 imagine his thoughts on the food here in the 337 area code.

However, now that rumors have been confirmed in a video posted on Monday where he says, "Do you hear that?" and hundreds of cicadas can be heard in the background, we now know he is officially in Louisiana.

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Is Lafayette Next?

Maybe third time's the charm?

Since Keith Lee loves Louisiana, we are still holding out hope that one day soon, he will make his way to the Lafayette area. Imagine if we could get Keith Lee, Gerald Gruenig, and John Weatherall together for a collab?

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