At just 28 years old, John Bienvenu received a devastating diagnosis - stage 4 Glioblastoma, a brain tumor that often carries a grim prognosis. However, instead of accepting the death sentence, John made a vow to show his young son "how to live." Now, six years later, his inspirational story of strength and love in the face of adversity has touched thousands of hearts all over the world.

CBS Mornings' Lead National Correspondent, David Begnaud, shared John's remarkable journey, highlighting the unwavering spirit and determination of a man who defied the odds.

When John woke up from the surgery to remove the lemon-sized tumor, his 8-month-old son was on his lap, looking up and smiling at him. This moment fueled his resolve to make the most of his time, despite the grim prognosis of 3-6 months to live. With his wife Leslie by his side, John embraced a new outlook on life, vowing that there were "no bad days" from that point on.

As the medical science painted a grim picture, John and his family turned to their faith, finding hope and strength in their beliefs.

Even during the grueling chemo and radiation treatments, they lived every day as a celebration, cherishing the little joys and creating lasting memories.

Though the cancer reoccurred with three more tumors found later, John was prepared to face the uncertainty head-on. He adopted a "bucket list life," choosing simple pleasures like tending to a garden and riding bikes with his loved ones. Leaving his desk job behind, he embraced a landscaping job, finding fulfillment in connecting with the earth.

For six years, John and his family have been cherishing every moment, living simply and beautifully. While they acknowledge that the cancer can come back, they continue to approach life with hope and resilience.

John's story has become a beacon of hope for many, including his brother, who is a doctor with 90% of his work being in oncology. Despite the usual 13-month window for survival with Glioblastoma, John's determination has carried him through 5-6 years, defying expectations and inspiring others to believe in the power of faith and family.

With their inspiring journey, John and Leslie want people to know that it's possible to beat the odds.

Their motto of sticking together through thick and thin has been complemented by a newfound joy in living life to the fullest.

You can watch the inspiring video featuring John Bienvenu's story below:

John's journey serves as a reminder that love, hope, and a positive outlook can make a significant difference, even in the face of life's most challenging circumstances.

Leslie Bienvenu, Facebook
Leslie Bienvenu, Facebook

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