If you're waiting on a special package to be delivered, you may have a good samaritan knocking soon.

Gabriele Stoute posted this photo on Facebook and it shows a package that was damaged while being delivered.

However, there's much more to the story. According to Gabrielle's social media post, this package, along with others, was found on the side of Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette.

A member of the Lafayette Fire Department reportedly found several packages on the side of the busy roadway and he took it upon himself to deliver one to Gabrielle's mother.

Knowing that the packages needed to get to their rightful owners, Gabrielle and her mother reportedly took all of the packages that were found and will hand-deliver them to the rightful owners.

Most of the packages were en route to the small town of Erath and unfortunately, I am told that a number of them were damaged. One package still has tire marks on it.

Gabrielle tells me that she and her mother know most of the people that the packages belong to and they will begin delivering them by Wednesday.

Mrs. Stoute and her mother want to thank the firefighter who picked up all of the packages and took time out of his day to find them on social media so that their package could be delivered.

They tell me that they've been waiting on some of their packages for several weeks now.


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