Authorities have released a video of a female inmate that escaped from Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center on Monday night.


After escaping while receiving treatment, Dervanisha Carter is back in police custody according to our media partners at KATC.

LPSO Spokeswoman Valerie Ponseti said a female inmate managed to escape custody earlier this week (Oct. 25) while getting medical treatment. Police are still searching for the inmate, identified as 22-year-old Dervanisha Carter.

Carter was in custody on multiple charges including the illegal discharge of a weapon.

She escaped from Ochsner Lafayette General while wearing an orange jumpsuit and was still handcuffed in front when she made a run for it.

KLFY News 10
KLFY News 10

Police don't believe that Carter is a danger to herself or the public but the search for the escaped inmate continues.

Surveillance video obtained by News 10 shows Carter escaping from Ochsner Lafayette Medical Center.

You can see a corrections officer give chase as she bolts past the camera.

KLFY News 10
KLFY News 10

Ponseti says it's very likely that Carter has friends or family members in the area where she may be seeking refuge.

Whether it be a personal address she may be in the area, it’s possible there are family members, friends, acquaintances and places that she may have been known to frequent that she may have ties to or she may have gone to take refuge.

In addition to continuing their search for Carter, Ponseti said police are also looking at how they can improve when it comes to policies and procedures related to escorting individuals.

We will continue to look at the video to see how we can improve and what happened and how she was able to slip out.

LPSO also reminds the public that "aiding and abetting a fugitive is a crime that carries jail time and a fine."

Anyone with information on Carter's escape or her current whereabouts is encouraged to call 911 or the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-232-9211.

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