A student at Acadiana High School was arrested earlier today after reports indicated that they were in possession of a firearm on school premises. The school's administration acted swiftly upon receiving the information, and the school was placed under lockdown in line with Lafayette Parish School System's (LPSS) emergency response procedures.

Working in collaboration, law enforcement officials and the school's administration were able to promptly identify and approach the student in question. Initial observations suggested that the student was carrying what appeared to be a revolver. However, after a thorough examination, it was confirmed that the weapon was, in fact, a replica.

Despite the weapon being a non-functional replica, the student is now facing charges for bringing a firearm onto a school campus. Additionally, the student was found in possession of tobacco vapor products and, being under 21 years of age, has been charged accordingly. The student is also set to face disciplinary actions as per school regulations.

Given that the investigation is still ongoing and the individual in question is a minor, LPSS has stated that they will not be releasing any further details about the incident at this juncture.

The district has extended its gratitude to those who reported the incident, emphasizing the importance of community vigilance. A special acknowledgment was given to the Scott Police Department, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, and both the school and district staff for their prompt action and unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety of the students.

LPSS has reiterated its commitment to student safety and urged the community to remain proactive in reporting any suspicious activities or concerns.

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