The University of Louisiana is gearing up to offer something pretty unique to students on campus who are looking for a bite to eat but don't want to stop studying. Food-delivering robots!

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Kiwibot Food Delivery Robots

Ragin Cajuns are about to experience a new kind of food-delivery service, and it looks like it's going to be a pretty one.

Acadiana, please welcome Kiwibots.

Kiwibot is a fairly new and innovative form of food delivery service that is coming to UL's campus.

The Kiwibots will be zipping around campus, delivering food to hungry students.

Let's say you're a student, studying away for finals in the library or dorm room, and you need to eat. Instead of stopping your forward momentum and walking to the Student Union to grab a bite, you can place an order using a Kiwibot and a smiling robot will bring your order right to you.

For real, the robots have faces.

From -

"Students can choose to order from establishments including The Brew, McAlister’s, Smoothie King, and the Ragin’ Cajun Food Court, and before they submit their order, they will have the option to make it a mobile order for pickup or delivery, where a Kiwibot will then bring the food to anywhere on the main campus."

In all, there will be 12 Kiwibots housed in the Student Union ready for deployment.

According to the Kiwibots will be available to all UL students, even those who live off-campus, as long as they're on campus for delivery of the order.

UL students will have access to the Kiwibots through the Everyday app, and the University plans to have the service by the end of January.


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