And here in Louisiana, as three college softball teams in the state were solidifying their position in the upcoming NCAA Softball Regionals our thoughts were abruptly shifted to football. NFL football to be precise. It's not like sports fans in Louisiana ever really stop thinking about the New Orleans Saints but on a softball Sunday, one of the Saints' newest members was capturing some attention of his own.

Getty Images / Kool-Aid, Facebook
Getty Images / Kool-Aid, Facebook

If you weren't aware in the most recent NFL Draft the New Orleans Saints selected a cornerback out of the University of Alabama. Fans of the LSU Tigers and Southeastern Conference Football already know this guy as "the man with the unique name". They also know that cat can play cornerback. Such is the legacy of Ga'Quincy "Kool-Aid" McKinstry.  

While McKinstry's prowess on the gridiron is growing, his place in the hearts of Saints fans grew even bigger because of something that he did on Sunday. Sunday was Mother's Day and Kool-Aid had something special planned for his Mother. He posted about it on his Instagram account.

The comment on the post says it all. "First Purchase" "Congrats Ma U Deserve It All". That's Kool-Aid's Mom, Geneva Allen being presented with a brand new Mercedes. And perhaps it shows one of the non-athletic reasons the Saints drafted McKinstry in the second round. 

If you think about all the great players the New Orleans Saints have had. Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Marques Colston, Mark Ingram, and Thomas Morestead just to name a few all have one thing in common. They all give back. In the case of the Saints, we've mentioned they are all revered in New Orleans for their commitment to the community.

SEC Championship - Alabama v Georgia
Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

This act of humbleness and humility and recognizing that "he didn't get there alone" is a sign of good character to a lot of people. And people with good character tend to do well and shine when the spotlight is thrust upon them.

Ms Geneva, we hope you enjoy your car. We are going to enjoy cheering for your son now that he no longer wears that awful crimson color and Happy Mother's Day. Just be careful where you park that new Mercedes in New Orleans because not every mom in the Big Easy raised their children the way you raised yours.

And if you didn't get your Mom something special on her special day, there is still time, okay you're way late but better late than never, right?

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I'm a mother. So, yes, I would know.

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