There is never not a good time to enjoy ice cream in Louisiana. Our year-round muggy and mild climate makes a cone or a cup of the frozen concoction the perfect addition to just about any meal or any day. Yes, in Louisiana we love our ice cream.

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However, we would be remiss if we did not throw in a mention of another frozen favorite along the bayou. That frozen favorite would be the Sno-Ball. Many "stuffed" Sno-Balls now feature ice cream amid all their other goodness. So, maybe one day a Sno-Ball stand will make this coveted list. Meanwhile, if you want Sno-Balls, here are the Top Seven Places that we've found for those.

The "list" that we are referring to comes from Southern Living Magazine and its associated website. Author Tara Massouleh McCay has put together an article that chronicles the magazine's choices for "Most Iconic Old-School Ice Cream Shops".

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There are a couple of classic ice cream shops listed that I am very familiar with. From St. Louis Missouri, if you've never tried the frozen custard from Ted Drewes you are missing a true treat. Over at Auburn, near the university, there is Toomer's Drugs. It's an old-school drug store with a soda fountain and some really great ice cream too. Their lemonade is off the charts too.

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And while we love ice cream in Louisiana I was a bit surprised to see that only one ice cream parlor in our state made the Southern Living list. Perhaps it's the Sno-Ball effect or perhaps people in Louisiana like another frozen treat that we can get through a drive-thru window that other places can't. Yes, I am speaking of the drive-thru daiquiri shops that are quite popular in Louisiana.

What Is Louisiana's Most Iconic Old-School Ice Cream Shop?

If you trust the editors at Southern Living then you'd want to make a short drive to 214 North Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans. That is the street address of Angelo Brocato Original Italian Ice Cream Parlor. The business is "new" to New Orleans they've only been operating there for 120 years.

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Google Maps Google Streetview

The shop is now operated by third-generation descendants of the original owner, Angelo Brocato. He came to New Orleans from Italy in the early 1900s and started what would become a Big Easy tradition for frozen treats and desserts.

What is Louisiana's Favorite Take-Home Ice Cream Flavor?

Here in Louisiana if we're not stopping off at Angelo Brocato's in New Orleans or timeless Borden's Ice Cream Shoppe in Lafayette when we are visiting our grocery store's dairy case for a half-gallon of ice cream to take home.

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla

Our brand of choice is Blue Bell. Our flavor of choice when it comes to Blue Bell? If you said Pecan Pralines 'N Cream or Buttered Pecan or Cookies and Cream you'd be wrong. The folks at Blue Bell say most people in Louisiana reach for Homemade Vanilla when they purchase ice cream.

Either way, it sounds like a delicious plan to us.

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