In an email sent to Ochsner Health employees, the company informed staff they will be laying off 770

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Ochsner Lay Offs in Louisiana and Mississippi

Ochsner Health announced to employees via email that they would be laying off 770 in Louisiana and Mississippi today (5/11/23).

According to KATC, Ochsner Health employs "more than 36,000 employees and over 4,600 employed and affiliated physicians in over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties."

Ochsner is the largest hospital company in Louisiana, as well as one of the largest private employers.

KATC reached out to Ochsner for comment on today's layoffs and was told "Today is a difficult day" and that as of now they won't be doing any interviews.

Ochsner did tell KATC that these layoffs will not, in any way, affect patient care.

From KATC -

"Our patients and communities can continue to depend on us for the excellent, compassionate care they expect from Ochsner."

Ochsner Lafayette General
Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

In the email announcing the 770 layoffs, Ochsner Health stated that employees affected "will get full pay and benefits for up to 65 days, as well as a severance package" as well as other services.

The email also states that Ochsner isn't the only healthcare provider currently being affected by labor costs, high inflation, shortage of patient care clinicians, and "the end of pandemic relief funding from the government" according to KATC.

No information has been given as to how many employees in Louisiana or Lafayette will be part of the layoffs.


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