A Louisiana woman got quite a shock recently while shopping at a Publix grocery store in Florida when she noticed the odd way the store was selling boiled crawfish.

Boiled Crawfish
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Publix Grocery Store Selling Boiled Crawfish

In South Louisiana, we buy and eat our crawfish by the pound.

The general rule of thumb when you're buying crawfish for a boil is to plan for 3 to 5 pounds per person.

Obviously, that's a very general rule because most of us definitely surpass the 5 lb mark, but it's a good place to start.

Imagine if you went to buy boiled crawfish, but they were being sold 4 to 5 at a time.

That's exactly what one Acadiana woman experienced recently at a grocery store in Florida.

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Scott, Louisiana woman and travel nurse Devin Kate Faul recently visited a Publix grocery store in Navarre, Florida and was hilariously shocked by what she saw.

Apparently some Publix grocery stores sell boiled crawfish, but not in the way we're used to buying them.

From publix.com -


Whole Crawfish, Salt, Redpepper, Dextrose, Spices With Paprika,Dehydrated Garlic, Mustard Brand,Dehydrated Onion.


Contains Crawfish"

Publix Boiled Crawfish

We'll give them credit for calling them crawfish instead of crayfish, but we can't give them credit this next move.

As Devin was grocery shopping, she came across something that caught her attention for all the wrong reasons.

"Somebody call the POLICE on Publix ????!!!!!!! What is this !!!!!!!!"

The positive here is, the price per pound for boiled crawfish at this Florida Publix is actually pretty good.

According to the label, they're selling boiled crawfish for $3.99 per pound.

We'll take that all day long.

The negative here is, they're only selling them four to five at a time!

Who only eats four to five crawfish at a time?

Devin, we agree...someone might need to call the police.

Facebook Via Devin Kate Faul
Facebook Via Devin Kate Faul

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