If you're fortunate enough to live in the general vicinity of Lafayette or Lake Charles Louisiana then you probably know who Daniel Phillips is. Daniel is part of KATC Televisions Storm Team Three band of weather guessers like Rob Perillo, Dave Baker, and Bradley Benoit.

Daniel is very good at letting you and I know when the weather is going to be great or when the weather is going to be like a New Orleans Saints football game. You know, concerning.

Stephanie Kamerschak via YouTube
Stephanie Kamerschak via YouTube

I follow Daniel on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. I started following him because of his knowledge of the weather but I keep checking back with him because he is one of the funnier "follows" that I have found when it comes to the life of a tormented fan of the New Orleans Saints.

For example, this was one of Daniel's tweets following yesterday's Saints season opener.

We're pretty sure Daniel wasn't alone in that assessment of the juggernaut that was the Saints' 16-point performance on Sunday. I believe there was one touchdown and the rest field goals. So, yeah, high performance indeed.

But because Daniel is a scientist by nature, you knew he would offer more than a meme about the Saints, he summed up the entire feelings of Saints' nation.

For that observation Mr. Phillips, I would like to offer you, an AMEN. I can actually hear that Tweet in Daniels's voice. He has a quiet reserved way of speaking and when he delivers a punchline, it's going to be drier than the current drought conditions he has to report on across South Louisiana.

Now there are times when Daniel can get a little louder and a lot less reserved, You might recall this gem from a flooding situation back a few years ago when motorists were simply not behaving in the high water on Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette.

In this case, just like with the Saints, Daniel wasn't wrong. Sometimes people just need to be called out for actin' the donkey. 

Oh, one more good one from yesterday's NFL's week one schedule of games. This Tweet from Daniel had to do with the Saints' former coach Sean Payton who is now the head coach in Denver.

And finally the coup de grace on Daniel's Sunday sashay through the Twittersphere or Xsphere or whatever Elon is calling it this week. Despite the sluggish play, the lack of offense, and the propensity to kick field goals Daniel echoed the thoughts of every Saints fan when the game was over.

Hopefully, the next few days will bring Daniel good things to talk about in the form of cooler temperatures for Louisiana but like the Saints offense, I wouldn't count on it until you actually see it or feel it.

Hmm, I wonder if Daniel has made this list yet?

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