In Louisiana, and especially in Acadiana, coffee is as serious as food and religion. New Orleans is actually credited with inventing coffee breaks. All this being said, it seems like Louisianians' first choice for a pick-me-up is no longer coffee according to a new study.

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The Most Popular Caffeine Choices

These days, the choices of how we kickstart start the day or what our go-to 2 pm caffeine pick-me-up is vast, to say the least.

Dozens of various energy drinks, energy shots, caffeine-infused water, and even energy gum are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our choices for a little help to make it through the day.

Clearly, coffee is serious business in Acadiana and has been for generations.

However, according to a new study from, times have changed.

Unsplash Via Markus Winkler
Unsplash Via Markus Winkler

A new study from, the top three choices for a cafeinne pick-me-up across the U.S. are -

1. Tea

2. Energy Drinks

3. Supplements

Across the U.S., coffee didn't even make the top three choices for caffeine.

From -

"The results are in! There’s no denying it: Americans love caffeine. A study found that about 85% of adults in the United States consume caffeine on the daily. Each state has its preferred method of getting its caffeine fix, whether it’s coffee, tea, or one of the many options in between."

In Louisiana, the obvious choice for caffeine is coffee, right?


The results of the study show the top choice for caffeine for Louisianians is supplements.

What Is A Caffeine Supplement?

Caffeine supplements are products such as Vivarin, No Doz, Yellow Jackets, 5 Hour Energy...the list goes on and on.

If you're like us, you probably would have bet the farm that in Louisiana coffee would have no doubt been the top choice.

According to "this may be due to a decline in popularity among the younger crowd. A recent survey found that almost 63% of Gen Zers never touch the jitter juice."

Below is the graphic showing the number 1 choices for caffeine for each state.

You can learn more over at

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