When it comes to the world of pets in Louisiana, the dog is the king. According to Pawlicy Advisor, just under 40% of Louisiana households include a dog. The same study suggested that the number was less than 20% for cats. Regardless, you get the idea that if you visit 60% of homes you're going to have an issue with pet hair.

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And while we as humans don't care for the hair affair of dealing with pets, we do love them unconditionally. Sometimes our love for our pets gets in the way of better judgment. And if we are being honest, a lot of the reasons your pets don't follow commands are because you're too soft on them.

But this narrative is less about tough love for our beloved pets and more about what we should or should not feed those pets. If you ask your veterinarian they will likely suggest a commercially made or small-batch made pet food for your animal.

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If your pet has allergies they might suggest an even more specific kind of food. But despite all of the suggesting, pleading, and downright telling by your Vet, most of us still feed our animal's table scraps or something from the human snack bowl

You're probably aware that some human foods do not digest well in pets. In fact, some of the food that you and I enjoy as humans can be deadly to our animal pals. So, let's see how much you know about what your pet, specifically your dog, can or can't eat. And, we'll detail some of the repercussions of what might happen should they ingest certain foods.

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