Imagine heading to Dave & Buster's with a group of friends and being able to legally bet on games like skee-ball, the basket ball toss, and even Mortal Combat.

Well, it seems gambling on arcade games has received the green light from Dave & Buster's, but will it become a reality at Louisiana locations?

Dave & Buster's Hollywood & Highland Grand Opening
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How Dave & Buster's Got Started

Dave & Buster's was founded in 1982 by David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley.

The idea was born from the merger of their two separate businesses: Corriveau owned a game and entertainment saloon, while Corley ran a nearby restaurant.

They had the idea of combining both entertainment and dining into a single location could provide a more compelling experience for customers.

They were right.

Dave & Buster's is popular among adults and families, offering an atmosphere that caters to both.

Adults can appreciate the sports-bar-like environment with multiple TVs showing sports events, while children and teenagers enjoy the excitement of the arcade games.

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Currently there are 162 Dave & Buster's locations across the U.S. and two locations in Louisiana, New Orleans and Lafayette.

Soon, Lafayette and New Orleans Dave & Buster's locations could be offering customers the opportunity to wager on arcade games.

Earlier this week, Dave & Buster's announced they will begin allowing customers the opportunity to gamble over arcade games through the Dave & Buster's App.

Imagine being able to place bets with your friends and family on skee-ball, basket ball, Mortal Combat, Air Hockey, and more?

From -

"As sports betting has exploded since it became legal in much of the country, companies are looking to cash in on the gambling craze.

The idea for Dave & Buster’s is to give customers a new form of entertainment and keep them engaged longer and ultimately to spend more money.

Lucra said most of the wagers across its software platform, which allows users to compete for real money in friendly competitions, are an average of about $10 in size. But the company hasn’t yet decided on a maximum bet amount for Dave & Buster’s."


Dave & Buster's Hollywood & Highland Grand Opening
(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Dave & Buster's)

Immediately following the announcement, some state officials voiced their disapproval of the move, mainly Illinois and Ohio.

Illinois State Rep. Daniel Didech even went so far as to instantly file a bill that would prohibit wagering on amusement games at family amusement establishments.

As you can imagine, there are miles of red tape with pulling this off at some locations across the U.S.

According to gamification software company Lucra, "skills-based games will not be subject to the same licenses and regulations gambling operators face with games of chance" according to

Dave & Buster's Hollywood & Highland Grand Opening
(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Dave & Buster's)


But, what about Louisiana?

As of now, it seems that gambling at the Lafayette and New Orleans locations of Dave & Buster's is a go.

Certainly something to keep an eye out for as this new feature is rolled out.


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