We can only hope the next few weekends around Louisiana will be wet and rainy so people won't feel the need to get outside but instead will have a great reason to stay inside and work on their taxes. We get it, nobody likes doing taxes but you're supposed to file them on the state and federal level every year in Louisiana. And, if you just might be eligible for a nice stipend from Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam
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Raise your hand if you wouldn't mind getting an extra $2,400. Okay, now that we have everyone's attention you should know that the Internal Revenue Service is issuing a call for those of you who'd like to claim a $2,400 stimulus check. For those of you who'd like to answer that call, you should know you have to respond by May 17th.

This money is known in the world of bureaucratic vernacular as Economic Impact Payments. For us common folks we'd probably feel more comfortable calling them COVID-era stimulus payments. Believe it or not, you can still get one of those even though the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a major health crisis.

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You might recall stimulus checks were issued in 2020 and 2021 but only to Americans who were eligible. To be eligible you had to file a tax return for those years. And despite what you might think, you can still file those returns even if your income is minimal or non-existent.

It's called the Recovery Rebate Credit and taxpayers owed a refund actually have three years to file a return and make a claim on any money they are owed. The May 17th deadline reflects three years after the original due date for those returns. For tax returns that should be filed for the year 2021, the deadline to make a similar claim will be April 15, 2025.

Evgenia Parajanian
Evgenia Parajanian

How Much Are the COVID-era Stimulus Checks Worth?

We've mentioned the figure of $2,400 multiple times. For clarity's sake, we should tell you that is for couples that are married. If you are an individual your stimulus check would be for $1,200. And there are a few other restrictions you should be aware of.

You must be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien in the country during the filing year. You must not be claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer's return. You must have a valid Social Security number that was issued before the tax return's due date. Heck, you could even claim the credits and checks for someone who passed away in 2020 or later. But you'll want to read all the rules before you do that. 

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