The bond between man and animals is strong. Here in Louisiana, we love our pets. About half of Louisiana's households have a dog and about half of the remaining half have a cat. Then there are those Louisiana residents who opt for a more exotic pet.

South Carolina Alligator
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There are 48 species of snakes that call Louisiana home, seven of those snake breeds are venomous. Yes, you may have a snake as a pet in Louisiana but there are some exotic animal restrictions depending on the kind of snake you choose. And while we in Louisiana tend to think of ourselves as the "alligator" capital of the world, we have to realize that large reptiles live in other swamps too.

Joie Henney is a resident of Pennsylvania where he and his alligator Wally call home. Joie and Wally were recently visiting Brunswick, Georgia. And that's when Wally came up missing. Joie believes his friend was stolen and Joie would like to have his friend back.

Oh.My.God. That may be the saddest "missing pet plea" I have heard in a long time. Poor Joie, you can tell he really misses his friend Wally. Several people who have reached out to Joie about Wally have commented that perhaps the reptile wasn't stolen, maybe he just got away. Here's Joie's response to that.

Just for the record, we should state that Wally is a licensed emotional support animal. He actually seems to be quite calm and docile around people. Well, in the video below they look like people but they also appear to be fans of the Philadelphia Eagles football team, so we can't vouch for their humanity. That is the bunch that threw snowballs and batteries at Santa Claus not too long ago. But Wally looks to be quite comfortable in the arms of Eagles fans.

As we mentioned there is a reward being offered and Joie promises "no questions asked" for the safe return of his emotional support alligator. There have been some leads reported in the case but so far police have not spotted any alligator tracks or gotten reports from local emergency rooms about people missing arms, legs, toes, or fingers.

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