Whoo Hoo and Weeeeeeee!

More than 20 cities and counting can experience the games, competitions, DJ, and traditional bouncy house enjoyment that feels like an enormous obstacle course.

It's shoes off and party on with this world's biggest bounce house that's touring again around the United States, and yes, you read that correctly about the adults thing.

Bouncy houses are a blast for kids but also for adults who want to relive their childhood or have some unique fun without children.

The Big Bounce America via Facebook
The Big Bounce America via Facebook

According to The Big Bounce America, the highest point of the bounce house is 32 feet tall with a play space of 16,000 square feet.

The crazy, fantastically fun Instagrammable moments are everywhere from the giant slides, various ball pits, climbing towers, and even basketball courts with a bounce. There are also oversized, lovable characters roaming the park according to The Big Bounce America.

A DJ playing dance music just adds to the experience whether you're taking off your shoes and enjoying the family time or the adults-only.

Okay, now to the logistics of The Big Bounce America. The dedicated time slots with your tickets help limit the number of people so crowds aren't an issue at all with unlimited access to what feels like endless inflatables.

This Guinness-certified bounce house as the largest on the planet is filled with custom-built inflatables so you'll find attractions you can't experience at any other bounce house. spends a few days in each area and it's best to make reservations for sessions.

Just click here for tickets and info on locations so far.

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