A reckless driver received a heavy dose of instant karma after running a red light.

In a viral video shared to TikTok, a driver with a dashcam stops at a red light while chatting casually with their passenger.

When the driver's light turns green, they slowly let off the brake and begin to make their turn. Suddenly, their passenger shouts "Watch out!" as another driver lays on their horn, zooming by as they run a red light.

In a video posted to by the user @lingdufocus, the person with the dash cam can be seen stopped at a red light and can be heard having a casual side conversation.

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Suddenly, the passenger shouts "watch out" as another car lays on their horn and runs a red light.

The driver of the car with the dashcam slams on their brake before finally getting to make their right-of-way turn. Not long after, a police car comes into frame, heading toward the car that ran the red light as the driver with the dashcam laughs and celebrates justice served.

"Dude runs red light, has the b---s to honk at me... and is instantly served karma cop justice," text over the video reads. Watch below:

In the comments section of the videos, people shared their safe-driving stories and slammed the reckless driver of the other vehicle.

"This is why I wait a little before I go on green," one person commented.

"It’s crazy how people will obviously be in the wrong and get mad at you when you point it out to them like [you're] the problem," another shared.

"Perfect example to still be aware and never always rely on go. Yeah, you go because you're in the right and he's not, but it will cost you your life," someone else weighed in.

"The people who do stupid stuff are always the ones that think they are in the right. Can we say narcissism, boys and girls?" another user wrote.

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