It's never easy when our most beloved celebrities and public figures pass away. Many famous figures have had an important impact on popular culture, as well as fans' individual lives, making it heartbreaking when we lose them.

Last year, in 2023, we lost a number of legendary famous figures and celebrities.

Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly early in the year when she suffered a cardiac arrest. She was 54. K-pop star Moonbin, only 25, died in April, as did iconic talk show host Jerry Springer, 79.

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Other icons we lost in 2023 include music legend Tina Turner, WWE star The Iron Sheik, jazz superstar Tony Bennett, Pee-wee Herman icon Paul Reubens, famed Irish musician Sinead O'Connor, The Price Is Right host Bob Barker and many more.

May they rest in peace.

Celebrities Who Died in 2024

RIP to these stars who passed away in 2024.

Gallery Credit: Jacklyn Krol

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