What would the '90s be without its TV shows? In an era before on-demand streaming, we tuned in weekly to watch our favorite families' hilarity, heartbreak, and hijinx on the small screen.

No, seriously: we didn't have Netflix back in the day, so the entire family gathered around the television and watched shows together. It sounds primitive, but it was lowkey fun--especially when your parents ordered takeout for a TGIF moment.

Families loved watching shows about families. Some of those families were dysfunctional, some were downright ridiculous, but they all had one thing in common: DADs.

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But which dad was the most rad? Who could out-BBQ, out-flannel, or out-fart joke the rest? Crack open a cold one and slide into your favorite oversized football tee, because we're crowning the Premiere Papa once and for all.

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