Crawfish and rice farming in Louisiana is a lucrative business and can be very rewarding depending on the season. But it come with some risks. In this case the "risk" took the form of a MONSTER alligator!

A video surfaced on Reddit some months ago titled "Farming in Louisiana is tough". In the video, you can see the cage wheel from a crawfish harvesting boat churning through the shallow waters of a crawfish farm. Just as the boat passes by a crawfish trap the huge gator explodes out of the water and clamps on to the cage wheel and takes it for a ride.

This type of thing may be common for crawfish farmers here in the Bayou State, but your average person may have needed a change of pants after this encounter.

The farmer in the video, seems to just keep putting along as if this is an every day occurrence for them!

Farming in Louisiana is tough.
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For those curious as to what the cage wheel on a crawfish boat is for, it's used to push the flat-bottomed boat through shallow/muddy water without putting ruts in the mud. Crawfish and rice farming are a hand-in-hand business with one part of the season the field is used to grow rice, and the other part of the season, the fields are flooded and used for crawfish.

This farmer certainly got more than they bargained for thinking they were just going out to check a few traps! The video is too short to know the fate of the farmer or the gator, but here's to hoping they just went their separate ways...

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