Have you ever taken a trip on a train? If not, don't worry. If you're from Louisiana, you are not the only one. Louisiana has four railroad museums: the DeQuincy Railroad Museum, the Louisiana Steam Train Association, the Old Hickory Railroad, and the Southern Forest Heritage Museum. It's funny how things go full circle because that was the only way to travel back in the day. Now, it's another source for travel.

Depending on the city, the primary forms of transportation are vehicles, Uber, taxis, and buses. Traveling by train may not be the only way to commute nowadays, but it's still a good choice. I've traveled from Lake Charles to New Orleans on the Amtrak for fun with friends. It took longer to get there because it made two stops, but it was nice not to worry about driving or paying to park. It was pretty cool!

It may surprise you, but riding a train can be much cheaper than riding a plane in many cases. For that matter, trains, like planes, are not affected by bad weather, so trips are less likely to be canceled. You can use points similar to flyer miles to save money. What's fun is taking a train adventure with the family.

Take a holiday journey like no other this Christmas. I highly recommend taking the Polar Express during the holidays. We did, and it was a blast! Based on the movie, it features a lot of the characters, hot chocolate, and your board in your PJs! It's a magical train ride, a two-hour roundtrip experience your children will never forget. It leaves from the Galveston Railroad Museum, New Orleans Union Terminal, and the Texas State Railroad.

Another excellent train adventure is the Piney Woods train excursion, which leaves Palestine, Texas State Railroad Terminal. Passengers can enjoy a four-hour, round-trip train adventure from the seat of a vintage 1920s car. This is where luxury meets the rails on a train pulled by a vintage diesel or steam locomotive.

The adventure spends an hour-long layover at the Rusk Depot for shopping and tours. Then, passengers are taken on a narrated journey through the Piney Woods while listening to music and learning about the 135-year-old history. All seats have a view.

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