Typically, a thief breaks into a place to grab and go. They are always looking for cash, guns, or jewelry, and they usually don't hang out for a few hours. However, this particular crook needs to quit her day job because she sucks at robbing places. The heist in question has a lot of flaws, starting with the location. A dentist's office!

What did she want floss? Laughing gas? According to KLFY Lafayette, this case of America's Dumbest Criminals involves a female resident who used a cardboard box to block security cameras at a local dentist's office from recording her break-in. And it didn't go well!

Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that 44-year-old Casandra Kiya Wooten went to the dentist's office after hours to commit her crime. According to the authorities, she drove to the office and parked in front of the entrance before walking around to the back door of the office.

She likely put the large box behind the building before the break-in. Needless to say, the security cameras caught the whole debacle from start to finish! Wooten entered the box to conceal her identity as she entered the back door. She then ditched the box once she got past the camera.

Sheriff Jason Ard reported,

“She stayed inside the business for approximately 4 hours while attempting to gain access to the business safe. In the end, she was unsuccessful in that. But, she did manage to grab a few items including an iPhone charger cable, an audio cable, and two Invisalign brace systems.”

Hey, maybe she had crooked teeth! Unfortunately for Wooten, she decided not to return to her box. When she left the building several hours later, she opted for a costume instead. I guess the box was too big and bulky. So the dentist's office robber tried to disguise herself by wearing a surgical mask and cap as she made her exit, but she was still recognizable.

Casandra Wooten's evening at the dentist resulted in her being arrested and charged with simple burglary and tampering with surveillance. Do you think she learned anything from this experience, boys and girls?

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