Although Louisiana has consistently been recognized as one of the most dangerous states in the union, it is also one of the most fascinating and fun locations to visit and live in the country. You should give some of these locations a second look because the most dangerous cities in Louisiana are also located in the state with the highest rate of crime in the country.

Although crime is a major issue in many areas, it's surprising to learn that New Orleans is not the state's most hazardous location to live. The FBI figures used to compute the 2021 crime rates were sourced by Roadsnacks. Roadsnacks has the most recent list of Louisiana's most dangerous cities for 2022; there are a few minor variations between the two lists there. Every city on this list that is no longer regarded as being in the top ten has been updated.

The crime rates presented below were calculated by taking the total number of crimes that were reported in a certain jurisdiction, dividing that total by the population, and then multiplying the result by 1000. Counties with fewer than 2,500 residents were excluded from this computation. We have included a reminder of some of the more enjoyable qualities of each location here because, of course, even places with criminal problems have lovely aspects.

10) Gonzales:
8,528 crimes for every 100,000 property thefts.
Gonzales is home to an amazing number of outlet stores and is the least risky location on our list. Gonzales' ranking in the top 10 is actually solely due to property theft, which is mainly associated with these very outlet malls. Thus, I wouldn't be too concerned about relocating here!

9) New Orleans:
1,144 violent crimes out of 100,000 total offenses
It should come as no surprise that New Orleans is among the top 10 most dangerous locations in Louisiana. The fact that it only ranks ninth and occasionally doesn't appear on the list at all may surprise more than anything else. But while you celebrate Fat Tuesday, remember that violent crimes like rape and murder are on the upswing.

8) West Monroe:
1 in 13 chances of property theft due to the high crime rate
This 13,000-person town, one of the "Twin Cities" of northeastern Louisiana, is home to well-known locations like Antique Alley and Kiroli Park. Although West Monroe is safer than many of the surrounding areas, it is nonetheless included on this list due to property crime.

7) Natchitoches:
997 violent crimes out of 100,000 reported offenses
With a population of more than 18,000, this community is the first permanent settlement established within the boundaries of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase and is renowned for its excellent pork pies. Is it any wonder that the town of Natchitoches has the third-highest rate of burglaries in the entire state of Louisiana, considering that one-third of its residents live below the poverty line?

6) Ponchatoula:
Property crime rate: 6,993 per 100,000
Ponchatoula is a sleepy tiny town with little going on, making it feel even more hazardous than the other major cities. If people are getting bored and need something to do, then that could account for the high rate of property crime. If you're ever in the neighborhood, don't miss the gorgeous Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, which is held there. Just make sure your wallet is safe. Update: According to the 2022 updated list, Ponchatoula is no longer among the top ten most dangerous places in Louisiana.

5) Monroe:
Violence is 1 in 56 times more likely to occur there.
Known as Fort Miro at first, the settlement that makes up the second half of the "Twin Cities" is home to over 50,000 people. The name Monroe was chosen in honor of the steamship James Monroe that stopped by the town in the early 1800s. Additionally, Monroe has the third-highest rate of violent crime victims among cities.

4) Bastrop:
Property crime has a 1 in 12 chance of occurring.
This small rural city in Morehouse Parish is home to about 11,000 inhabitants. The 2008 closures of the Pilgrim's Pride poultry facility and the IPC paper mill had a severe impact on Bastrop. The number of violent and property crimes has decreased recently, indicating that this little community is moving in the right direction. Update: Bastrop is no longer listed as one of Louisiana's top ten risky locations on the revised 2022 list.

3) Marksville:
Chance of violent crime: 1 in 45
Marksville is a small town with a major issue: it ranks second in Louisiana for violent crime threat. And there are only a little over 5,000 people living there! The town's casino could be the cause of the higher than usual crime rates.

2) Alexandria:
Property crime has a 1 in 11 chance of occurring.
Alexandria, located on the Red River in nearly the exact geographic center of Louisiana, is home to about 48,000 people. The metropolis of Alexandria, which is home to more over 153,000 people, is centered there. It ranks first in all of Louisiana for property crime, and it is also number two on our list. Additionally, their crime rate is four times higher than the norm for the country! Instead of interacting with people, visit the Alexandria Zoological Park.

1) Opelousas:
1 in 40 for violent crimes.
More than 16,000 people live in this third-old city in Louisiana and the epicenter of zydeco music. Opelousas, which is home to Tony Chachere's, Targil Seasonings, and Savoie's goods, bills itself as the spice center of the world. And we rank it as the most unsafe area to live in Louisiana on our list. Since this neighborhood has only lately risen to the top of the list of most dangerous, perhaps Opelousas will be able to change this in the near future.
The numbers don't lie, people. Click this link to visit the website to learn how we arrived at these rankings.

Which of these lists of Louisiana's most hazardous cities surprised you the most?

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