Now is the time to look over your emergency plan and kit, or if you're like me, make them!

FEMA and NOAA have great resources available to help develop a plan and build a kit for your family. Here's a full list of guidelines and information for all aspects of emergency preparedness:

Click here for a thorough list of items needed for a disaster kit, including some you may not have thought of like tools needed to turn off utilities.

Here you'll find a great list of suggestions for storing your kit while also keeping it handy, which is critical since you may need it in a hurry.

You'll find details for creating a family plan here, including handy spaces for recording important information like SSNs and emergency contact information.

As we know living in South Louisiana, you might have to make the decision (or have it made for you) to evacuate. Here's some great info about secondary location to consider, including plans for leaving unused vehicles and suggestions for packing for spending days in designated shelters.

Business owners and school officials can find guidelines for creating comprehensive disaster plans here and here.

Pet owners, you'll find helpful information for pet care here. Shelter health concerns are addressed here.

Boat owners should be aware of the guidelines for marine safety and boat care found here.

FDA food and safety guidelines can be found here, while EPA guidelines for health and environmental safety are here.

Evacuation guidelines from FEMA are here, and suggestions for protecting your family and home if you're weathering a storm are here.

Finally, here's a great list of links with resources for storm and disaster recovery.

Start preparing for severe weather now, keep your radio and RadioPup tuned to 99.9 KTDY, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages!

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