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I want to preface this story by saying that I’m certainly not trying to say I am “Mom Of The Year” or “Etiquette Queen, Emily Post”. I am always looking for good advice on life. No one is perfect and we just learn as we go. As a mom of 3, I’ve noticed a drastic decline in good old-fashioned manners in our young adults. Both male and female. But, I want to focus on the “gentleman". Now that my daughter is in high school and starting to mature, it makes me realize how important it is for young ladies to know what a true gentleman is. I certainly am not referring to every guy when I say this. I am just speaking of what seems to be the majority when I say, it seems like the old fashioned gentleman is diminishing. Actually, in the world of competitive job searching, I think it's more important now than ever for a man to pay attention to the basics of proper etiquette. 

A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out. - George Bernard Shaw

When it comes to a man, I’m old school.  I like a man who walks around and opens the car door for his date, a man who holds the door open at the grocery store so the people behind him can walk in, a man who greets with a handshake or a hug, a man who asks a woman out on a date and pays for dinner, and a man who takes off his jacket and puts it on the woman if she is cold. Maybe that isn’t what the younger generation is looking for when it comes to a man. Or is it? 

Being a gentleman is a matter  of choice. -Vin Diesel

Why aren’t guys doing these things as much as they used to? I think one reason is that this generation is the busiest yet, with little time to squeeze in social media, the gym, long work hours, and a social life. Today, everyone is rushing and not taking moments of solitude and reflection, which builds character. A lot of younger men no longer feel the need to pause and reflect because the options for whatever they want are literally one click away. Maybe we are rushing too much to remember the basics.  Another thing I think has attributed to the dwindling of a true gentleman is reality TV.  The way men are portrayed on a reality television show is scary. I mean, think about it. How often do you see good manners, respect, and gratitude on shows like The Kardashians, The Real World, and Big Brother? This is what is becoming the new normal. What’s worse, is that it’s teaching young ladies to think this is acceptable. Of course, the cell phone and social media world haven't helped at all. I mean, getting your Snapchat streaks comes before anything else, right? (insert eye-roll).  And, unfortunately, many young men are raised with very little guidance on proper manners. The good news is those good manners can be learned by anyone no matter their background or age. 

 Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage. -Theodore Roosevelt

Besides leaving a lasting impression on people, being a gentleman can also make you feel better.  It will give you confidence, it will add texture to your life, it will make things smoother and more comfortable when dealing with people, and it creates respect for you.  It can make your life richer and more enjoyable for you and for others. 


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