I do not enjoy cleaning, but I, of course, do it. The one thing I do enjoy is a hack that can help me cut as much time as possible from the choir that I am doing.

I especially like to learn new hacks to streamline any type of cleaning I do. The chore that I really hate the most is cleaning the shower. If you have the shower and bathtub combination then I know that you wonder all the time if there is a better way to clean it than what you are currently doing.

The other big thing that I always wonder is how dirty are the shower and the tub. I constantly wonder about this because I am trying to figure out how often I can go before I have to clean them again. Is it a week? Is it three days?

Dog Being Cleaned in Bathtub
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And, we do so many things in our bathtubs. Plenty of us bathe our dogs in our bathtubs let alone our own bodies.

The American Society for Microbiology studied what is in soap scum, and they say it's stuff like Sphingomonas and Methylobacterium. I can't even pronounce those, but Sphingomonas is a gram-negative bacteria that can cause things like the following:




Septic Arthritis

None of those things are very good. Showers can hold the same kind of residue. You can always wash your shower curtain, but the walls are another story.

Photo courtesy of CDC, 7tgIlnxj2bM, Via Unsplash

No one wants any of these bacteria, so homemaking.com says this is the fastest, easiest way to clean your tub and it can work on your shower walls too. You need Dawn dishwashing liquid and an expensive broom with plastic bristles, which you can buy at any dollar store.

I love simple, easy, and affordable. Give it some simple elbow grease, and all the nastiness is gone.

Want a Bernie tip to add to this? Stunning I know, but it's really a Suzy tip? Suzy, my sister, her hack is to get your plastic bristle broom, layer your tub and/or shower with the Dawn, then spray vinegar on it from a spray bottle!

Zap! The grunge, buildup, and crud is gone! Now that I have shared this tip from homemaking.com. you need to share some of your hacks with us in the comments, please.

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