Are we starting to see a decline in covid-19 cases?

When Lafayette and the state of Louisiana started to see a rise in cases due to the Delta variant a few weeks back, I know I personally felt a little overwhelmed. By this point I thought that we would have put covid behind us, but unfortunately that was not the case. So as the case numbers started to rise I started to do some research.

What I found was that the countries who were already experiencing Delta had a fast rise in case numbers, those numbers spiked, and then they started a rapid declined in positive case numbers. As I kept digging I noticed that many were saying that if Louisiana and the United States followed this path then our numbers would spike around September 1, 2021, and then the rapid decline in cases would start.

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Now I am not a scientist so I won't even get into how the science works and if the data is true or not. However, Ochsner released some data today that is promising to Lafayette and the Louisiana area.

It seems as though local hospitals are starting to see a small decline in covid hospitalizations. They are also reporting that 41.6% of Louisiana is now fully vaccinated.

Now do I think that we are out of the woods? No, I think we still have a long way to go but every little bit of good news helps right now. And to me this is good news!


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