Looks can be deceiving. But trained law enforcement operatives such as the ones employed by the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Department know the difference between the truth and a pack of lies. Unless of course, that misguided information is coming from a much higher power source. I mean a power even higher than the High Sheriff of the Parish.

As you can see from this investigative video produced and released to the public via the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Facebook page there are valid concerns over the strong physical resemblance between Sheriff Smith and a well known holiday figure.

I will leave it up to you to watch the investigative story unfold on the video but I can't help but wonder if there really is a connection. It might also explain why the Sheriff's parking spot in December always has hoof prints in it too.

Could it be just an odd coincidence of doppelgangers gone wild? Or is it just a little holiday whimsy courtesy of the other guys who are willing to be awake while you and your family are peacefully sleeping. The ladies and gentlemen who make up the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Department.

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