It's currently illegal in 21 states to break a window to save a dog from a hot car. Is Louisiana one of those states?

Some states have made it illegal to leave a pet unattended in a sealed vehicle during times of extreme temperatures, and others have also made it legal to damage a vehicle to save such an animal in distress. Sadly, Louisiana is not on either list as of now. This means a dog owner who leaves their pet in a car during a South Louisiana summer cannot be penalized, though a person who damages the pet owner's vehicle to save the pet can be punished by law.

The first response to this situation is to make every reasonable attempt at finding the pet's owner. If you'd rather avoid the conflict this may involve or don't have the time, don't hesitate to call the police and/or Lafayette Animal Control. If you can, remain with the dog until help arrives. If the dog or other animal appears to be in imminent danger, use your judgment. If you can attempt to free the animal without damaging the vehicle, that's the best (though still illegal) option. If that's not possible, only you can decide if you want to face possible fines or jail time to save an animal in distress. Just be aware that you are not currently legally allowed to do so in Louisiana.

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