Just before midnight on October 8 St. Mary Parish Sheriff's deputies were called out to a home in Patterson where there was some sort of disturbance going on.

After the investigation, deputies arrested 42-year-old Hector Ruiz-Santos on the following charges:

  • Battery on a police officer
  • Resisting a police officer with force, non-aggravated
  • Disturbing the peace in a violent and tumultuous manner
Police Lights
Alex Schmidt, Getty Images

Detective David Spencer with the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, deputies were called out to a home about a disturbance. This time it was 11:46 in the evening on Sunday evening.

Deputies investigated the circumstances of what was happening at the home, and Ruiz-Santos was placed under arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace in a violent and tumultuous manner.

The man was put into a patrol car at around 12:10 Monday morning and taken to the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center.

Police Car Lights
Photo courtesy of Getty images/Joe Raedle

When deputies got to the jail Spencer says they found Ruiz-Santos was unresponsive. They worked to save the man's life, but they were unsuccessful

There is now an ongoing investigation into the death. When more information is known we will share it with you.

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