Do you remember in school when the teacher finishes a lesson and you realize you have no idea what they taught?

What probably makes that memory even more strange is there is probably one tidbit of information that you remember from it that wasn't important but always stuck with you.

I honestly feel like that's the story of my daily life. It might also be my severe ADHD because paying attention is hard (LOL). But sometimes those random and/or useless facts are just the most interesting parts of conversation.

While aimlessly scrolling through social media, I realized that I'm obviously not the only one who finds this to be true. I think we've all learned by now that there is a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok page for just about everything. So it wasn't too shocking that there is an entire Instagram page dedicated nothing but random and weird facts that we may not know.

These were some of the ones I found on the FACTS BY GUFF page that stuck out to me the most.

Because dogs do the coolest things.


They could be on to something here.


I'm not sure if this is cool or creepy.


Kind of sounds better than an hour gym session, right?


May the odds be ever in your favor.


I guess it really is a ruff life.


Who's blowing up balloons for the party?


I try telling people it's totally healthy.

From selfie records to facts about pooping, the FACTS BY GUFF page has it all. Wait, did you know that seahorses start each day with a hug and a dance?

See, this is what happens. It's a rabbit hole you probably didn't want to end up in, but here we are.

You're welcome!

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