Security cameras capture the moment a homeless man snatched a 3-year-old from the streets of New York.

In the video, you can see the child walking up to a street corner with her siblings and grandmother. You can also see a man who had just crossed the street to the same corner where the family was standing. The man had a blanket wrapped around himself and, as he approached the family, opens the blanket in a flash and grabs the little girl from her grandmother's grip.

The man then flees with the girl as the grandmother gives chase, though she hesitates for a moment while she looks back at the twins she is leaving on the street corner.

You can see the abduction in the video below, posted by Fox8:

The grandmother continues to chase the child-napper and was joined by good samaritans who, eventually, cornered the suspect and recovered the little girl.

The suspect then fled but was soon caught while sleeping in a doorway of a store. He has been arrested and charged accordingly.

In one interview, a security expert was asked if the grandmother did the right thing by leaving the twins on the corner while she gave chase. The security expert said that the grandmother took the proper action: addressing the immediate threat.

Had the abductor been working with an accomplice, this whole situation could have been much worse. Let's hope they throw the book at him.

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